5 Signs Your Document Management System Needs Updates

Your document management system is the heart of your business. There may seem to be many other things that are more important, but when the system is dysfunctional you will see how important it really is. If you have any of the following problems, then your document management system may be screaming out for attention.

1. You or your management team are constantly fielding requests for access to documents.

Those in management positions have a lot to do during the day, so it is not an efficient use of their time or skills to field requests for document access all day long. This only becomes a problem when you document management system becomes outdated and no longer provides the right people with required document access.

If an employee needs access to particular information in the system in order to do their job, then they should have it automatically. They should not have to run to someone above their head to get access when it is needed. An efficient document control system will ensure the right access to each employee, while blocking access to documents employees do not need.

2. You are concerned that some employees may gain access to documents they should not have privileges to, due to security issues.

This is the opposite of the problem just presented. Rather than keeping too many people out of documents, the system is allowing sensitive documents to be accessed by people who have no need for them. Most of your employees may be trustworthy, but some may not be as worthy of that trust. It is best to update your document management system so that sensitive documents are only accessible by those who need to access them to do their job.

3. It takes a long time for most new employees to figure out your document management system.

What happens when you bring in a new employee who needs access to some components of your document control system? If you know that it will take some time for them to understand the system, or there are parts of the system that do not work properly and you will have to explain that to them, then your system definitely needs updated. Some systems are complicated, but they should not be so complicated or dysfunctional that it takes months for a new employee to catch on.

4. Your multifunction printer does not do everything that your employees need it to do.

The multifunction printer is a vital part of a document control system. If you have been using the same printer for many years, then chances are it doesn’t do everything it could be doing for your business. Look into new printers to see what enhanced functionality they might offer your business. If nothing else, the new printer could be far more efficient than what you are using now.

5. You often have a back-up at the multifunction printer, with too many employees waiting for their print jobs to go through, or with routine back-ups and paper jams putting the system down.