Accident Caused By A Drunk Driver And Your Legal Recourses

If you’ve been hit by an inebriated driver and you drag him/her to the court,your chances of winning the case are high. Your chances of being compensated for the injuries that stemmed from the accident are very good,and you can also file an injury suit against the offender. However,if you reside in a no-fault region or state,suing a drunk driver won’t be that straightforward.

Insurance Claims

Prior to racing to the courthouse for filing a lawsuit,it’s recommended you start talking to the insurance company of the other driver about settlement. Drivers,in every state,would have some car insurance on them. And,in case you file a claim against the car insurance carrier of the drunk driver,letting them know your intentions to seek complete damages for the losses and injuries resulted from the crash,you could be pleasantly shocked to know the settlement amount you may receive,especially if you’re working with a top attorney .

DUI Conviction

Insurance companies bending to steer clear of a lawsuit isn’t routine. But if their insured party is clearly in the wrong or is convicted of DWI or DUI in relation with a car crash,the insurer would be a lot more forthcoming to settle the case out of court. This is because insurance firms know that if the suit against their insured party sees trial and a jury is given the freehand to ascertain the monetary compensation for the aggrieved plaintiff hit by the drunk driver,they may have to shell out astronomical figures as compensation.

No-Fault Laws

If you reside in a state that adheres to the no-fault automobile insurance rules,your choices would be quite limited,at the outset at least. You would have to fall back on your own PIP (personal injury protection) coverage to take care of your medical bills,even though the inebriated driver was to blame for the mishap. But if the injuries you suffered conform to your state’s interpretation of “serious injuries”,your case would be viewed as an exception. Be sure to consult with a car accident legal help to learn more.

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